Drilling and Excavation: an Introduction to Foundation Laying

In order for huge buildings to be erected, huge holes must be made in the ground and covered again. This might sound illogical to people, but this a way to make sure that the land that the foundation is going to be laid on is solid. This also a way for the engineers to make sure (aside from sonar and other technology) that the land is not sitting on a tunnel or an old mine. This will make the building ultimately unstable that might lead to disaster and potential lawsuits. This article will give you an insight of the kinds of excavation Melbourne has and what they are used for.


Dredging or trenching is the kind of excavation Melbourne and other areas in Australia have that is usually done underwater. It is done so that the bottom sediments can be deposited to another area. This kind of excavation is also a good way to save the dying beaches that have been brought to bad shape by erosion. Dredging is also a good way to get sand and silt for construction if you are short on budget. Just make sure that you got the license to do that. If you are able to do so, go tell the provider on trenching Melbourne has that you’ve chosen as partner.

 Suction excavation

Suction excavation or much commonly known as vacuum excavation is the excavation method that uses a huge vacuum or suction. It is used to remove huge debris of land from the hole that is dug. The suction that is used is an incredible piece of technology. It uses a huge tube (1 food in diameter). The air speed inside the vacuum itself is a whopping 100 meters per second (220 miles per hour). The outer nozzle of the suction pipe has two handles that enables the operator to control the machine. On some designs, the tube nozzles that suck out the debris are toothed so that it can remove the remaining debris a lot easier. This kind of method is available in some excavation Melbourne has today.

Slant drilling

Slant drilling or directional drilling Melbourne companies practice is not a kind of excavation method but it is a critical part of construction especially if the sonar reveals that there is something that needs to be avoided underneath the earth. For example, your construction firm is constructing a sewer and there is an underground facility that needs to be avoided or else you will end up paying for the damage. Slant drilling allows you to bore a hole in the ground while being able to avoid that underground facility.

Slant drilling is also used by oil companies to get their hands on the precious “liquid gold”. Oil deposits, especially on seas, are found under hard layers of rock. Directional drilling allows that excavation Melbourne has to avoid those hard layers of rock and go through the softer spots. This allows to take care and preserve their drills and it also helps protect the environment by not making huge holes out of the ground. For more information, you can visit the link http://envirolink.com.au/.

Using Wood Shredders: how’s and what’s

A wood shredder is a form of a standalone type of equipment that is good for processing wood materials. A wood shredder can be acquired from any manufacturing company in the world. Wood shredders can also be bought from websites online, and dealers who have the pieces of equipment delivered according to a customer`s location. A wood shredder offers excellent and precision engineered support that is needed in the wood manufacturing industries.

The wood shredder must be manufactured by a team of highly skilled manufacturers who value customer satisfaction. These wood shredder manufacturers must also manufacture wood shredding types of equipment that are automatic, semi-automatic and manual. They must be able to take up large orders as well. Further, the manufacturers must monitor each and every step of the consignment until delivery is done. The quality check of the wood shredder must be done in all stages to the final stage of shipment. A wood shredder is known to be a heavy duty type of equipment and is generally composed of fine raw materials that make it stiff right from the foundation.

Uses and features of a wood shredder

Wood shredders are manufactured for different uses and come along with different features too. A wood shredder can be used in the plastic and wood industries.  A wood shredder can be used in the plastic industry to help build small pieces of plastics that can be used as pipes, pet bottles and also as insulating materials. In the wood industry, a wood shredder helps in the production of humongous wood granulates that can be used in a biogas plant or biomass cogeneration plant. A wood shredder is also used for the production of wood chips that are used for the generation of energy.

 Wood shredders are manufactured to possess different features. Some of the features of a wood shredder are the presence of a large internal volume space that enables the shredding of many pieces of wood or plastic. They are also a kind of special type of equipment that can take up sawdust as raw material and compresses them into small wood strips.  A wood shredder has a big density and produces materials that have high levels of heat value that can be used in heating homes during the cold season. A wood shredder is suitable for use in small scale and high scale requirements.

How to know good features of a wood shredder

If anyone is planning on purchasing a wood shredder from a manufacturer, it is easier when one has the knowledge of the features of the right wood shredder to use. Many aspects have to be considered in order to complete any working process of the wood shredder.  For instance, one has to ensure that the wood shredder and the chipper are intact. The wood shredder that is purchased also has to have features that allow sieving and packaging.  This is important in the separation of the granules of the broken shreds from the completed ones.   A good wood shredder will always require minimal maintenance and minimal repairs.