Affording Protection to Valuables Kept in Self Storage

Claire Swift | February 21, 2017 | 0

Committing your valuables to a self storage facility is a great way of keeping them secure and freeing up some space within your home. It would be disappointing to find your belongings damaged as a result of improper storage. That said such incidences can be avoided by following a number of protective measures for example, when keeping collectibles and other personal effects with Altona self storage companies.


You need to handle all your furniture with care when storing away to prevent them from getting scratches. Ensure keeping the furniture on some raised support surface such as a wooden pallet. Putting plastic over the pallet can help to keep moisture or mould from corroding this sensitive class of items.

Applying wax onto wooden furniture before seeking self storage solutions may aid its preservation just as cleaning upholstered furniture would do. Covering all your storage items with a dust sheet will equally protect it from damage. As an added precaution, you may as well consider utilizing a rodent repellent on the furniture.


Scanners, computers, laptops, televisions, photocopy machines and other electrical equipment are not just fragile but possibly expensive too. You may protect these items when storing them away with Altona self storage firms by doing a number of things:

Try keeping them in their original box while also wrapping each item individually in a bubble wrap. Not only would this shield them from dust damage, but also prevent them from breaking in case they are dropped on the ground.


Make sure to wash and dry appliances thoroughly before putting them away in secure storage at any time. This should help in preventing rot, rust, build-ups and attraction of pests. Leaving the doors of these appliances open slightly helps to aerate them, which prevents a musty smell from developing.


Many consider it an easy task to store away huge stacks of paperwork. While these may be stored away in an empty box, it may prove rather challenging trying to preserve them, especially from the threat posed by fading and pests. Melbourne self storage companies are available which employ climate control as a way of curtailing such an occurrence. This facility helps in managing levels of humidity within storage spaces, given that mildew particularly thrives under conditions of high humidity. Do keep all boxes off the floor while also keeping all papers inside a filing cabinet to afford them an added layer of protection. This should enable you locate specific documents easily whenever you need them.

Self-storage has today become a viable option for people interested in finding both long- and short-term remedies for their storage needs. One may require speedy assistance in terms of space for storing away some precious belongings, when perhaps relocating or renovating the home. The expertise and facilities offered by Altona storage services may prove invaluable to you at such times.

You may want to check out modern self-storage systems as opposed to traditional ones. In such case, just take an online tour of



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