Planning To Fix Your Driveway? Here’s Why Asphalt Should Be Your Number One Choice For The Job

If the driveway to your Melbourne home has become worn out or dilapidated, it’s time that you think about having it redone by a professional contractor. Doing so will ease your drive in and out of your home and will put an end to the eyesore that is right on your doorstep. A new driveway can be built using different materials. However, in this article, learn why asphalt should be your only choice of material when it comes to such a project.



As any asphalt Melbourne specialist will tell you, commercial roads and highways are built using asphalt for one reason; because the material is highly durable compared to concrete. After all, very heavy trucks are expected to use such roads every day. Asphalt surfaces offer a high level of waterproofing and the bitumen used binds all the materials together to form one tough layer of paving. It goes without saying that you want these very same qualities in your new driveway. Such a driveway will last longer than your former and will require fewer repairs over the years. And because of that, such a driveway offers you a better ROI in the end.


One of the functions of your driveway is to enable you to seamlessly drive from the curb and into your home with ease. With the help of a residential asphalt services company, you can easily make this a reality. Asphalt is much smoother than other paving alternative. You will be able to enjoy a smooth and fast drive over your new driveway. Not only will this be good for your car’s maintenance costs, a smooth driveway will also help avoid noise disruption anytime someone is driving in or out of your home.

Ease of installation

An asphalt surface is quite easy to install. All that is needed is for the ground to be cleared, leveled, treated, and the asphalt mix to be poured and compacted. This ease of installation is good for a driveway construction because it means that the paving contractor will not spend a lot of time working on your home, thereby causing unnecessary noise disruption or hindering movement in and out of your home. Not only that, a quick installation means lower labour costs as workers are often paid according to time spent on the job.

Great aesthetics

A driveway is important not just for its function. It’s also part of your home and its presence should contribute towards making your home look better. Luckily, asphalt driveways score big in the aesthetics department. This is largely because of their rich dark colour which contrasts beautifully with different edging options, with your front lawn, and even with your house.

Ease of repairs

Lastly, an asphalt driveway is ideal because it’s very easy to repair. All that is needed is for the affected area to be filled with a new mix of aggregate. Should you ever need to have some cracks or potholes worked on, just look for one of the many residential asphalt services Melbourne has to offer. They will easily patch your potholes and fill your cracks, turning your driveway back to new once again. The process is simple and quick as it does not require extensive work.