Discover Why Regular Visits to the Doctor Are Important

Claire Swift | February 10, 2016 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

If you live in Carseldine or its surrounding areas, access to a health facility is very important. Not only will you have emergency medical support available, but you will also have a reliable medical personnel to conduct health checks. There are competent doctors in Carseldine who can interpret results immediately and provide you with a diagnosis. They can also use your medical history and health check to assess your overall well-being and health.

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You should not reserve health checks for when you are unwell. They are an important way of making sure that you maintain your general health.  Some illnesses such as high blood pressure rarely show any detectable symptoms during early stages. However, detecting them early can ensure that your heart’s health is not affected, thus, reduce the chances of stroke or heart diseases. Doctors in Carseldine conduct health checks and their nature mainly depends on their purpose. Complete health checks should involve evaluating every detail, from your appearance to each organ of your body.  The information gathered is then included in your health record.

Your general doctor may use several techniques to conduct a health check. Some of the techniques include, Auscultation (listening to noise from organs like heart, lungs, and stomach), percussion (making a sound by scraping or tapping a particular part of the body that can permit determination of parameters like organs density and size) palpation (feeling the body with the hand to access location, shape, size and level of pain) and visual examination.

The doctor will also conduct a range of examinations on different body parts such as:

Abdominal Area

Carseldine doctors may evaluate your abdominal part by examining your rectum, anus, Costa-vertebral angle, kidney, spleen, and liver. They may also take a sample of your stool to diagnose an inguinal hernia.

Skin Examination

Skin examination entails examining your skin warmth, hair distribution, lesions, pigmentation, moisture, texture, and color.  The examination aims at accessing your general health and identifies systematic and local diseases.  The skin on your legs may be examined as well to detect venous and arterial insufficiency.

Ears, Nose and Throat

Your doctor may examine your ear, nose and throat. This will involve examining the internal and external nose and ear using an otoscope to examine the inner nose and ear.  A general hearing test might also be conducted.

Heart Function

The function of the heart is conducted by measuring the auscultation of your heart, pericardium’s palpation, examination of your neck veins, pericardium and suprasternal notch. Your limbs might also be examined for the presence of edema.

Neck and Head

The doctor examines the neck and head area by accessing the cervical nodes, thyroid gland, salivary glands, mouth, scalp, and head.  He will also examine vital organs such as gums, tongue, tonsils, membranes, and teeth.

Sexual Organs

Carseldine general practitioner conducts several assessments on female and male sexual organs.  The doctor examines the cervix, vagina, inguinal nodes, penis scrotum, auxiliary nodes, and breast.  They may also conduct a Pap smear, rectovaginal examination or bimanual examination.

From the above, you can attest that there are many benefits of visiting doctors in Carseldine regularly.  Some illnesses people suffer from can be avoided if only they are careful to visit their doctors and follow their doctor’s advice. Apart from avoiding illnesses, it also helps save you a lot of money and time spent in Carseldine doctor surgery and other medical examinations.

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