Care and Dignity are Key Elements When Looking After Older People.

Claire Swift | February 9, 2016 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Taking up a career looking after the elderly will be a commitment. There will be a need for patience, empathy, compassion and professionalism. This can be a rewarding career. Therefore, aged care courses in Melbourne include a range of courses for those who want to take up this profession.

Certificate IV Ageing Support (CHC43015)

This certificate is offered by aged care courses in Melbourne. There are no prerequisites for entry onto this course. It would also suit existing care workers looking after older people.

The following areas will be covered.

Provide Personal Care.

Basic routines may start to get more difficult. These include washing, dressing, and basically all those everyday activities we take for granted such as hygiene. Having the same friendly face there everyday, always ready to help, will be mean a lot to an older person.

Provide Assistance to Older People in Daily Activities.

Movement and walking could be impaired but regular activities should be encouraged and suited to the needs of the individual older person. This will keep the older person stimulated and in contact with everyday life. Again, as the body becomes frail and movement becomes impaired, dealing with falls and bruising will also be important.

Support the Individual Emotional and Psychological needs of the Older Person.

The key word here is individual. The course will help you to focus on the needs of each older person. For example, long term memories may well still be strong although there could be increasing physical impairment. Hopefully, in a care home etc., the older person could get frequent visitors from relatives and old friends. However, given the “fractured” nature of the modern world, the older person may have few or no visitors. The daily sustained relationship with a careering individual is critical in maintaining emotional and psychological health. A stimulating environment will also help. There could be a whole number of things a qualified career could offer an older person or group of older people.

To Provide Care and Support to Older People with Dementia.

Dementia is a progressive disease. Basically the brain deteriorates. Personality and memories go and motor functions will also progressively decline. This will need a special and very caring approach. In the early stages, an older person may be aware of the condition, and this could cause a lot of distress.

There are also strokes and heart attacks. A stroke cuts blood flow to the brain. This could either affect bodily functions or mental functions. An older person may be physically disabled, but mentally still fairly alert. Conversely, motor functions may be fairly good, but short term memory has vanished.


The need to work effectively with a range of colleagues from different cultures.

This is also an important aspect of care work that Aged Care courses in Melbourne will cover. Every old person will have their own personal background. This could well apply to co workers. A range of different people from different cultures could also be a real positive. This is another way of adding variety to the lives of older people.

Unless due to circumstances we do not reach old age, this is something we could all face. Looking after old people properly should be a key part of any society.

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